If your setup is right, your mic is in the right place, you have treated your recording and mixing room, your instrumentals are prepared, it's time to get into the booth and spit that fire on the mic. But, before doing that, you need to have a recording software solution for all that hardware.  You need is a recording/mixing/producing software. There are many choices to choose from, some are free, some are not. If we talk about quality, I really recommend a commercial recording software, no doubt about that. I can only enumerate Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar as some of the best options. But they are really expensive, and in some cases, they are over your budget. So, many of you guys will surely opt for a cheaper/free solution.

The best 5 Free Recording Software presented in this article are the best open source recording/mixing programs available for beginners, that can be downloaded for free. Get a free app, get used to it, and when you'll have enough money, you can go and buy a commercial one.

1. Audacity - This is the best free audio editor/mixing program.
2. KRISTAL-Audio-Engine - Great for mixing your songs
3. Onyx Arranger - More a producing software
4. Traverso - Amazing free audio editor
5. Wave Editor - Simple, easy to use

If you still want to go for a commercial software, you can buy older and cheaper versions. Also, many audio interfaces comes with free light versions of commercial software (eg Audio Kontrol 1 Audio Interface features free Cubase le).


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